Mouthpiece Cushion
self-adhesive thickness 0,8 mm for all mouthpieces

Product number ZU-MG


Joint Grease
For greasing the cork pins of clarinet and mouthpiece

Product number ZU-ZF


Mouthpiece Cord
Material: Waxed cotton Length: approx. 135 cm Colour: Black

Product number ZU-KS


Mouthpiece Cap
For all clarinetists To fasten (wrap) your reeds with the string

Product number ZU-MK


Cleaning Swab
Material: Microfibre with cord and weight Size: approx. 40 x 25cm Total length : approx. 96cm

Product number ZU-DZ


Polish cloth
Cloth for cleaning the clarinet and polishing the silver-plated parts. Material: Molton Size: approx. 20 x 30cm

Product number ZU-PT


Glas plate
For working on mouthpiece reeds approx. 10 x 2 x 0,4cm

Product number ZU-GP


Barrel with silver-plated rings | Wurlitzer Clarinettes
Barrel with silver-plated rings for A / B♭ / C / E♭ and D-Clarinets

Product number ZU-BI


for A or B♭ Clarinets

Product number ZU-SB


Bell with flap
for A or B♭ Clarinets with flap

Product number ZU-SBK


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